Financial Statement Preparation

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Financial statements services – audit, review, compilation and preparation – require a specialized skill set and the professionals at Wachsler CPA possess that knowledge and experience. We offer our services to privately held businesses and especially to non-profit organizations. Whether your situation requires an audit, review, compilation or preparation, we will perform the appropriate level of service that satisfies your board of directors/investors, creditors or donors. No matter what services meet your particular needs, we always employ the highest quality standards in the industry.

If your business requires an audit, the clear documentation we provide is designed to instill confidence that your records are an accurate representation of the current financial condition of your business or organization. All Audit engagement services are performed in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America (US GAAS).

A review or compilation engagement is substantially less in scope than an audit. A review engagement includes primarily applying analytical procedures to your financial data and making inquiries of management. A compilation engagement is narrower than either an audit or review engagement. With this type of engagement, we take the information you provide to us to create a set of financial statements.Our review and compilation engagement services are performed in accordance with Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services (SSARS).

Regardless of the service that you request, we can make recommendations to improve your risk management as well as improving your internal controls.

Audit Services, Reviews, and Compilations

Wachsler CPA adheres to the ethical principles of quality, integrity, objectivity, professional competence, and due care for all of our financial statement preparation, compilations, reviews, and audit services. Contact our Greater Boston, MA CPA firm now at 781-883-3174 or request a free consultation online.

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